Yorkshire's Campaign

A team of award-winning filmmakers embark on a two year mission to produce a campaign to showcase Yorkshire's value proposition across the World.

Produced in partnership with Local Authorities, LEPs and some of the biggest companies in the region

There are 3 elements:

1. Film
2. Digital Campaign promoting Yorkshire
3. Stock Library
Release Date: 1st August '22
Produced by: Elsa Film
Stock Library: Y Stock
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Yorkshire goes Hollywood

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, such unprecedented times calls for a bold response which is why we enlisted some of the best storytellers on the planet to help shape a narrative that will welcome back tourists, investors and students and inspire them to make Yorkshire their preferred destination.


Promoting Yorkshire Worldwide

Project Yorkshire signals a move away from the stars quo of how Yorkshire has been previously marketed, positioning the region as an industrial powerhouse and world-class tourism destination.

premiere 1st august

Premiere Launch

There will be a special Press and Partner premiere on 1st August 2022 held at Everyman Cinemas, Leeds.

This also happens to be Yorkshire Day - coincidence?!

Promoting Tourism

Promoting Tourism

We’ve ripped up the rule book on destination marketing and taken a cinematic approach to deliver to screens across the world the magical, mystical qualities that set Yorkshire apart.

Promoting Industry

Promoting Industry

Educational facilities, science and technological capabilities will also feature as well as our infrastructural assets, investment highlights and the many industrial achievements across Yorkshire including our sustainability ambitions.

Official Partners

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