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Filming is underway.

Project Yorkshire is a promotional film currently being filmed across the region and will be used as part of a post-pandemic campaign to attract inward investment and showcase highlights across Yorkshire industry.

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Yorkshire goes Hollywood.

The film is being produced by a team of award-winning filmmakers that have worked on some of the biggest films and commercials of the past two decades.

To add to the Hollywood line up, we’ve enlisted an A-list film star to provide the narration plus an original score will be also be composed!

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God's Own Country.

A place of natural beauty and the envy of the World.

But it’s the people, businesses, infrastructure and the way of life that makes the UK’s largest county one of the top destinations to live, play, work and study.

Promoting Yorkshire Industry (not just tourism).

But it's not just about showing off our beautiful landscape and tourism attractions.

Educational facilities, science and technological capabilities will also feature as well as our infrastructural assets, investment highlights and the many industrial achievements across Yorkshire including our sustainability ambitions.

Yorkshire Story.

The narrative is being developed in collaboration with Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Welcome to Yorkshire as well as a number of leading business from across the region.

Boosting Yorkshire's economy.

This film will play an integral role to facilitating a powerful post-virus revival and will pay homage to our region’s key tourist attractions, economic strengths and natural beauty.

Yorkshire has it all.

Bio-technology, rail, financial services and digital and creative sectors will all feature showcasing the extensiveness of our value proposition and celebrating the people who are proud to call Yorkshire home.

Going viral, Summer 2021.

We’ve created a distribution strategy with some of the UK’s leading marketing specialists and aim to generate over 25 million views online - providing unrivalled exposure regionally, nationally and internationally.

Not just a Film.

We're also building a royalty-free stock website full of 1000s of cinematic footage, professional photography and SFX.

This is going to be a dream for digital marketing teams. An asset management resource full of 1000s of digital content which you can search simply, download instantly and start building awesome content.

Become a brand partner.

We have designed some exclusive brand partnerships to seamlessly weave brands into the Yorkshire narrative and feature Yorkshire businesses in the campaign.

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Spearheading a Yorkshire revival.

It’s all part of a collaborative effort to strengthen the value proposition of Yorkshire and to send out a clear message that God’s Own County is back open for business and is clearly the place to live, work, play invest and study.

Spotlight on leading Yorkshire sectors.

Showcase your company amongst Yorkshire’s elite and reaffirm your proud Yorkshire roots.

Forget part of something historic.



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For more information about the filmmakers or to check out some of the recent projects we've worked on watch the showreel below.
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